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Seaworthy Insurance features five policies covering boats, commercial charters and yachts up to $25 million in hull value. Our low-cost Actual Cash Value coverage is perfect for Pleasure Boats, and Agreed Hull Value coverage is available for Yachts, SuperYachts and Charter Boats. A Liability Only policy is also available for pleasure boats and some yachts having no lien holder.

All Seaworthy policies come with Salvage Assistance and Wreck Removal and additional Fuel Spill Liability for damage and assessments resulting from the unintentional discharge of oil or fuel. Pleasure Boat, Charter, Yacht and SuperYacht policies feature 24/7 emergency towing service, for breakdowns on the water or the road, either included in the policy or by option.

Expert service is provided by dedicated adjustors with extensive experience helping boat and yacht owners when they need it most. Our Seaworthy staff is committed to providing fast and fair service. There is no better group of caring professionals to handle your customer’s claims.